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most of the pictures are not mine if they are i will say so and i will try to post links to the websites i find my pics on.i mostly will post pictures of fashion realated pictures to help you with your wardrobe but i will also post pictures of celebs to keep you informed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

New shirt

Three intentional rips in the back, American flag shaped as a heart shaped in the front <3

                                         I have a cold so my voice kind of  squeaked and
    I just came home from playing soccer with a friend so I'm sweaty, not wearing any make-up, and I'm not very fashionable.So I decided for YOUR mental health I would not show myself.


Kaylee Cami


see through tops

                                                                     summer fashion
(my shirt)
A see through shirt is another cute summer fashion.
I am more modest than other girls so i wear my shirt (see above) with a full length camisole but others wear it with a special type of bra specifically made for ripped or see through tanks that can be found at wet seal.

my shirt
my shirt was actually bought at Ross (I'm not cheap, I'm a smart shopper) and don't like spending a ton of money when i can go to department stores or Ross or Marshals and fine equally cute clothing for half the price.this shirt is navy with white/cream polka dots.it is a tank top and the top is lace and so is the very bottom. it is mostly see through. the back is a button up and also the back is longer than the front.the neckline is high.last time i wore this shirt (the day before yesterday it's new :) ) i wore it with pearl earrings and white material girl intentionally ripped skinny jeans.

"denim underwear"

Miley Cyrus Short Shorts

miley cyrus continues too ruin her good role model reputation as she is found shopping at american appareal in "denim underwear". I remember going to a miley cyrus concert with my friend a few years ago and I remember her mom telling my mom how great it was to finally see a sucsessful actress/singer who hasnt gotten tatoos or hasnt done drugs. well here she is doing drugs, already engaged, with a tatoo, and wearing denim underwear.
I really hope this doesn't catch on.